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Food Stamp Fraudster Ordered to Repay $400,000

Food Stamp Fraudster Ordered to Repay $400,000

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Advice Lawyers, Law Firms |

A woman who abused a federal welfare program has been ordered by the court to repay $400,000, a federal judge ruled in October this year.
The suspect, Hee Ja Jeong, lives in Guam which has been a U.S. territory since 1898. The U.S. District Court sentenced her to house arrest for eight months, along with a five year probation period.

Plea Agreement

Back in March 2014, the suspect signed a plea agreement in which she admitted to a single count of unauthorised use of food stamp benefits, however during the course of over two years, she has allegedly cost the U.S Department of Agriculture hundreds of thousands of dollars in food stamps. New Family Market, one of Jeong’s Guam-based convenience stores, was identified in May 2014 as a possible abuser of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the successor to the federal food-stamp program.

Four Stores Suspected

At a convenience store in Guam, the average transaction amount with SNAP benefits is around $13, according to a search warrant which was filed in July of 2013. However, many of the purchases at the four stores owned by Jeong ranged from $100 to more than $500 in some instances. Documents show that in summer 2013, federal agents secured search warrants for each of the convenience stores under suspicion of abuse of the SNAP system.

Allegedly, the stores all allowed federal benefits recipients to purchase ineligible items with their electronic benefit transfer cards. According to reports, the items purchased illegally included diapers, cigarettes and betel nuts.

Store Credit

When customers in the SNAP program ran out of federal benefits, the convenience stores allegedly allowed them a store credit until at the end of the month, provided that they paid the balance with their SNAP cards on the first of the month when the benefits were received. Some of the stores allegedly charged customers an additional fee for the privilege of buying items on credit. According to the agreement, customers were allowed to pay on credit using their benefit cards during a two year time period from April 2011 to August 2013. Feel free to visit adulterated pharmaceuticals for more advice.

Whilst Jeong has admitted to allowing customers to make purchases with their SNAP benefits on store credit, she denies the charges against her which allege that she charged them in order to do so. During a court hearing, Jeong’s lawyer said that she had allowed the customers to make purchases on credit because they had requested it, and not due to slow business as others have implied.

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Fifth Third Settles Mortgage Fraud for $85,000,000

Fifth Third Settles Mortgage Fraud for $85,000,000

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Advice Lawyers, Law Firms |

Fifth Third has admitted that it ended up certifying over 1,400 mortgage loans improperly, even though it knew that they weren’t eligible for insurance from the Federal Housing Administration. As a result of Fifth Third’s actions, taxpayers paid millions. Based in Cincinnati, the regional bank will now owe $85 million as a settlement against civil fraud claims.

The Effects of Fifth Third’s Fraud

When Fifth Third found out that it had processed 1,439 mortgages that were considered materially defective and ineligible for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insurance, it was during its quality reviews that occur after closing. However, even after finding out this information, the bank didn’t report these findings voluntarily to the government. It took the bank until 2012 to finally come clean.
As a result of its fraud, Fifth Third caused the FHA to lose millions because of bad loans that were completed between 2003 and 2013. This was in the years that led up to, and continued after, the country’s real estate collapse and foreclosure crisis. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development had to pay insurance claims on a total of 519 loans that defaulted as a result of Fifth Third’s bad business.

Employees Fired

In addition to admitting its mistakes, Fifth Third has also taken steps to fire the employees who were responsible for failing to disclose the loans that were problematic. Because these employees didn’t disclose the information sooner, they will no longer be working for the bank, and they may end up facing other consequences as well. Visit http://www.mahanyertl.com/landmark-settlement-adulterated-pharmaceuticals-case/ to find out more.

The Settlement

Fifth Third has agreed to pay the cost of all of the federal losses that resulted from its defaulted loans as part of the settlement that it has reached. The bank has also stated that it will cover HUD for any losses that it might incur on any of the defective loans that remain that haven’t defaulted yet.

On top of that, the bank has accepted responsibility for, and admitted to, failing to self-report loans that it knew were defective. These actions were in contrast to HUD requirements, so the bank has also agreed to reform the way it does business.

A Fifth Third spokesperson stated that the bank was pleased that the agreement with the US government has been concluded, and also said that everyone was excited about the future of the mortgage business. The bank’s stock, however, was down, so it may take some time for it to recover from all of this negative publicity.

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What you Need to Know to Find a Good Lawyer in USA?

What you Need to Know to Find a Good Lawyer in USA?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Advice Lawyers, Law Firms |

There is hardly a man who did not even once had to seek assistance of lawyer. Everything we do has to do with the law, and if we find ourselves in a situation that some of these laws violate, we do need the help of a professional.
So, what is best to do when you find yourself in the so-called legal situation? Do we try to come up with our own defense or seek the help of someone who has expertise in a particular area? In any case, preferably is the second option, unless you personally do not engage in advocacy.

Consider whether you Need a Lawyer

It is important at the outset to make a decision whether it is necessary to hire a lawyer for the case. This of course depends on what it is, but in any case much better to be represented by someone who is in touch with all the laws and who is authorized to represent.

The laws are often changed, so it can easily happen that you are unable to prepare an adequate defense from the very obvious reason: you, as someone who does not engage in advocacy is no reason to be aware of any changes of law.

How to Contact with a Lawyer?

When confronted with a problem that requires legal dismissal, it is best to go looking for a lawyer, to consult with him about your legal rights and obligations and to comply with all statutory deadlines.

In the United States have different legal deadlines for action or filing lawsuits and appeals, and these things certainly know the best lawyers. Of course, this does not mean that you should choose the first lawyer to whom you encounter, because you’re in a hurry.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer to take your Case?

From a personal point of view, I choose a lawyer is a very personal thing. But that does not mean you do not get involved with someone you phenomena, for example, do not like it, and you’ve got all the good recommendations on its work. For example, if you need a lawyer because of injuries on the work, it is best to take someone from missouri personal injury lawyer .

It is very important that, regardless of the recommendations, establish a good business relationship with your lawyer and to be honest with him, it is only if all the facts of a case, a lawyer can make a good defense. If the client is not cooperating fully, the lawyer will not be able to provide the best service, regardless of their experience and recommendations.

The questions that inevitably need to ask the lawyers who go through the selection process are:

– Do you have much experience in the conduct of certain disputes, and in the field that interests you;
-Did he or any of his associates take your case? If he says that though some of the staff, then you have every right to know that person and further discussion of the case continue with it;
– Did he have cases similar to your and how much? As each of them solved, or for the benefit ?;
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